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Venture Network Weeklies are informal gatherings where startups can meet investors in a casual setting over beers and focus on what’s important: building relationships, practicing and improving. Venture Network Weeklies are a great way to perfect your pitch, get feedback on your product, meet the local startup community, and perhaps even close an investment.

Every Thursday evening at 7pm in Area 31 (Maria de Molina 31, Madrid), we host Venture Network Weeklies that are open to the public to which startups from just about anywhere are invited to apply to come and pitch before a panel of investors.  The “Pitch” is a super important tool for entrepreneurs and few opportunities exist where an entrepreneur can get expert feedback and pitch coaching from real investors. 

If you are an investor and would like to participate as a member of the jury, please contact Carmen Corrais at


Venture Network in the rest of Spain

Venture Networks are also conducted in Spanish in cities throughout Spain. These Venture Networks are organized in conjunction with Banco Sabadell’s BStartup program. For further information and to apply to pitch at one of these events please see our website

Apply to pitch

Apply to pitch


If you have a startup and are interested in pitching at one of our Venture Networks, held every Thursday in Area 31, please click to apply via the link below and fill out the application, and we will be in touch with you shortly. If you have any difficulties accessing the application, please contact us:


Venture Network


In order to apply to pitch at Venture Network Weeklies, your startup must:

Be operating less than 2 years

Have a committed team (at least 1 full-time person)

Be incorporated as a company or be in the process of incorporating it

Be seeking investment (between 50,000€ and 500,000€)

*Preferred: Startups with scalable business models, with international scopes.
Note: Startups do NOT have to be related to IE Business School in any way.






Welcome by Allison Rohe, Director Venture Networks
19:00  -  19:05
Startup Pitches
19:05  -  20:00
20:00  -  21:00




Pitches at Venture Network Weeklies in Area 31 are conducted in English and startups are given 7 minutes to pitch.  You will have prepared a pitch deck in powerpoint (or a pdf of presentations created using other software) and your slides will be visible to all attendees. 

The jury panel will be seated in front of you.  You will be informed when you have one minute left so that you can gauge your last sixty seconds. 

Upon completing your pitch, there will be time for Q&A.  The floor is first opened to the members of the jury to pose questions and offer feedback; then the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions or make comments.

Tips for preparing your slide deck

We recommend you prepare approximately 7 slides that consist of the following (note this is a recommendation):

1.       Needs/Problems or Opportunity

2.       Solution

3.       Business Model (i.e. How you make money or plan to make money)

4.       Marketing Strategy

5.       Operations (i.e. the different business phases of the project, e.g. such as concept -->launch-->expansion. Phases are generally mapped out in a time-line, listing different aspects included in each of the phases. Or you might choose to detail business processes, and/or quarterly focuses with regard to aspects such as: product development, financing, etc.)

6.       Financials & Scalability - (DO NOT forget to state how much investment you are seeking, if you are seeking investment).

7.       Team



We are grateful to Heineken for their sponsorship of Venture Network Weeklies! For companies interested in sponsoring us, please contact


Venture Network Weeklies take place at 7pm every* Thursday in Area 31! Join us!

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Venture Networks are events devised and organized from IE Business School’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Venture Network Weeklies are the result of the work done by a collaborative team.  


Carmen Corrais, Assistant, Venture Lab Accelerator

Allison Rohe, Deputy Director, Venture Lab and
Managing Director, Venture Networks

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